Dry skin is usually not serious and there are many methods to improve dry skin, including using moisturizers. A quality moisturizer can help soothe and repair dry, itchy, and irritated skin.

1. Dry skin


Dry skin is a condition of skin dehydration caused by a number of factors such as less oil secretion, damage from ultraviolet rays, or hormone dysfunction… these effects make the skin unable to retain moisture naturally. course.
Dry skin can be recognized by a number of symptoms:
  • Rough, peeling skin
  • Itchy
  • Gray, dark skin
  • hink
  • Skin cracks appear. When the skin is dry and cracked, bacteria can penetrate and cause infection and form inflammatory foci in the form of swollen, red, and painful spots on the skin. These inflammatory foci can also help dermatologists diagnose whether dry skin is a medical condition or not?

Once dry skin has been identified as a medical condition that needs treatment, dermatologists can offer a number of treatment solutions as follows:

  • Moisturizer for dry skin: Using some moisturizer regularly throughout the day will be very beneficial for the skin. It helps make the skin soft, smooth and reduces skin cracking. These creams are often in the form of ointments, gels, creams or essential oils.

For very dry skin, you can use some moisturizers containing urea or lactic acid to help the skin retain water. These creams are available on the market, but caution is needed while using them because these products can easily cause skin irritation.

How to choose a moisturizer for dry skin
Dry skin should use creams containing lactic acid or urea


  • Using medication: When skin is too dry, consider using medication. Some anti-inflammatory drugs (like cortisone) or some immunosuppressive drugs (like tacrolimus, pimecrolimus) may be used. These medications are only effective in reducing skin damage caused by dry skin, so in addition to medications, you still need to regularly use moisturizer.
  • Change some daily habits: Sometimes dry skin is the result of a daily habit such as bathing or soaking in water for too long. Stopping these things can help your skin return to normal within a few days. For people who are always exposed to water due to the nature of their work, such as athletes or swimming instructors, they should wear swimsuits and regularly use moisturizer after each workout.

2. How to choose a moisturizer for dry skin


Basic moisturizer helps keep skin hydrated. Most moisturizers are gel, cream, or oil based. These products contain some water-retaining ingredients like glycerin, lactic acid, urea and some other substances that help keep skin smooth like lanolin (an oil that makes sheep’s wool waterproof), sunflower oil and some other essential oils.
Choosing a moisturizer depends on many factors such as skin type, age, acne condition… You may need to try a lot of moisturizers to really find one that suits you. close. So what is the right way to choose a moisturizer for dry skin?
How to choose a moisturizer for dry skin
Sunflower oil helps the skin become smooth
Dry skin easily peels, itches and feels rough. To restore moisture to dry skin, choose moisturizers that contain oils and ingredients that retain water. If you have used such creams without improving the situation, especially for some skin areas such as feet, arms or hands… try using some that contain lactic acid or ure.
For very dry and chapped skin, look for some ointment-based moisturizers that incorporate vaseline oil. They are more effective at retaining water and protecting the skin from bacteria, however these creams can make your skin look quite oily so it is recommended to use them at night when going to bed.
Choosing a moisturizer for dry skin is not easy. However, even if you have chosen the right cream for you, you still need to form a daily skin care routine with regular use of moisturizer. Some notes on using moisturizer for dry skin:
  • Be willing to experiment: You will need to try a few different moisturizers before choosing the one that leaves your skin soft and smooth. However, you should not give up if some creams are chosen without seeing the immediate effects of that product.
  • Protect your skin from the sun: Dry skin is especially vulnerable to sun damage. If you need to go out in hot weather, wear a wide-brimmed hat and long clothes to avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight. It is also essential to use sunscreen. You should use sunscreen with an SPF protection level of 30 or higher. Reapply every 2 hours and after swimming or sweating heavily.
How to choose a moisturizer for dry skin
Always protect your skin with sunscreen


  • Use moisturizer for dry facial skin: You can choose a moisturizer or facial cosmetic that contains sunscreen. If your face has a lot of acne, you should choose the right cream to avoid making the acne worse.
  • It is not necessary to use expensive moisturizers: Sometimes the price of these products also depends on some ingredients such as perfumes, dyes… that do not help moisturize and protect the skin, therefore Not necessarily more effective than other moisturizers.
  • Wash your face regularly: Especially after sweating. Use clean water combined with facial cleanser, apply evenly and use your hands to gently wash away dirt and sweat from your face. Then apply a layer of moisturizer to dry facial skin. In addition, for dry skin, you should not bathe many times a day and each bath should not exceed 10 minutes.
  • Do not use strong moisturizers on your face unless your skin is extremely dry. These creams are suitable for other skin areas such as legs or arms.
  • If you are using certain cosmetics or lotions to treat other skin conditions such as acne, you should wait 30 minutes before applying moisturizer.
  • Finally, if you have tried many moisturizers but do not improve your dry skin, see your doctor or dermatologist to receive advice on a reasonable and more effective dry skin care plan.

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