There are many reasons why you can get nail polish on your skin, clothes or in some cases need to remove nail polish. What to use to remove nail polish or how to nail polish remover  is something many people are interested in. Some measures can help you remove nail polish effectively and limit the worst effects.

1. How to remove nail polish from nails


In fact, there are many different types of nail polish, nail polish removers, especially gel nail polish that is difficult to clear from the nails. Some simple measures used to remove nail polish from nails that you can use at home include:

  • Rubbing alcohol: Alcohol is a solvent that can dissolve nail polish. Soaking your nails in alcohol or applying them to your nails with cotton soaked into your nails can dissolve the polish. This method may take more time than using nail polish remover, but it can be done at home and is quite safe.
  • Hand sanitizer: Another handy alcohol-based hand sanitizer you can use to soften nail polish. Try soaking your hands with antibacterial hand sanitizer to see if the nail polish softens, then use cotton or cloth to scrub it off.
  • Toothpaste: Scrub your nails with regular toothpaste or one containing baking soda. After a few minutes of scrubbing, use a towel to wipe your nails and see if this method works. Besides, you can also use nail cleaner to effectively remove the paint on the nail surface.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and hot water: H2O2 is used in many cosmetics and beauty products to lighten the skin and can also help remove fingernail or toenail polish. Try soaking your nails in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and hot water. This will soften the paint so you can wipe it off or lightly file it away.


In addition to using nail polish removal tips, you can use over-the-counter (OTC) nail polish remover. There are many types of paint removers that contain acetone or not. But they are all chemicals that pose a risk of harm to the body if used regularly.
Acetone can break down nail polish quickly and effectively. Acetone-free nail polish removers may be less toxic than acetone-containing nail polish removers, but they often take longer to remove and do not remove darker nail polish colors.
Soaking in acetone for a long time (10-15 minutes) is the only way to remove gel nail polish. You can soak your hands directly or use cotton soaked in chemical nail polish remover on your nails to remove the paint.
How to remove nail polish from nails, skin and clothes
You can use nail polish remover or choose a suitable method

2. Removing nail polish from skin


Nail polish can get on your skin when you paint your nails. If washed with regular water, it will be difficult to clear nail polish. Here are some simple ways to remove nail polish from your skin:

  • Use nail polish remover with or without acetone. Use a cotton pad or cotton swab to absorb the remover and wipe it on the skin area with nail polish.
  • Use warm water: Soak the painted area in warm water, then remove the nail polish.
  • Also use similar measures such as nail polish remover with alcohol, alcohol-based hand sanitizer…

After removing the nail polish from your skin, you should use an additional skin moisturizer, as your skin will tend to be dry after removing it.

3. How to clear nail polish stains from clothes


If you accidentally get nail polish on your clothes, try to contain the stain as quickly as possible and make sure it doesn’t spread. Then, use an absorbent paper product like a tissue or a piece of toilet paper to remove as much nail polish as possible from the clothing. Then, dip a cotton swab or a small rag in nail polish remover, acetone or non-acetone, to absorb the stain.
Additionally, there are a few other ways you can use nail polish to remove it from your clothes:
  • Use a cleaning product to remove common stains on clothes then wash.
  • Add white vinegar to the clothes, then wash the clothes to remove stains
  • Wash your clothes immediately after getting paint on them to ensure the stain doesn’t set.

You should use whatever is available to remove nail polish from clothes.

4. Some notes when using nail polish remover

Acetone evaporates quickly, so be careful not to overuse the product and avoid inhaling it. Long-term exposure to acetone can cause headaches and dizziness. Additionally, Acetone is also highly flammable, so avoid using it around open flames.

How to remove nail polish from nails, skin and clothes
Nail polish remover can give the person smelling it a headache
Keep acetone and non-acetone nail polish removers away from children and never drink them. This can avoid causing poisoning to yourself and your family members.
If you are pregnant you should limit the use of nail polish and nail polish remover. Because the chemicals used to paint or clear nail polish can be harmful to the body if used regularly.
Above are some safe and effective ways to remove nail polish. You can apply it to see the effectiveness and save costs when you have to go to the store.


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