The “health” of hair will change with age just like other parts of the body. When entering middle age onwards, hair follicles become smaller, sebum production decreases, and some people lose pigment cells, causing their hair to gradually turn white. Below are 10 anti-aging hair care tips, thereby helping your hair become stronger, healthier, and thicker.

From middle age onwards, hormones change, the body gradually ages, causing more hair loss and slower hair regrowth, gradually causing hair to thin. In addition, hormones trigger a decrease in sebum production, causing hair to feel drier, and the pigment cells in the hair bulb weaken over time.

1. Pay attention to your daily nutrition regimen

Protein and iron are the two most important substances needed in the daily diet for healthy hair. If the diet does not ensure enough nutrients, especially iron and protein, it can cause aging and hair loss. Therefore, you should proactively supplement your body with iron and protein by eating red meat, seafood, eggs,…

In addition, increasing the intake of zinc-rich foods and other antioxidants will also help promote hair growth such as: milk, dairy products, grapefruit, oranges,…

2. Moisturizes hair

Moisture is a very important factor to help keep hair smooth. Therefore, women should limit the use of dry shampoo products, hair dryers or styling gels, because they will make the hair look dull, dry and lose its shine, thereby making the hair weaker. easy to lose hair.

Hair should be moisturized with moisturizing treatments. You can use macadamia nut oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. to condition your hair for about 30 minutes after shampooing, once a week. Coconut oil will help increase hair moisture easily by penetrating the hair shaft, protecting hair from dryness and loss. Just after a while, you will see your hair become softer, shiny, and your hair will grow more.

In addition, you should not wash your hair too much. According to recommendations, you should only wash your hair 2-3 times a week to avoid making your hair weak and losing its natural shine. When shampooing, you should rinse the conditioner with cold water, because using cold water is good for both the durability and shine of your hair.

3. Brush your hair daily

Many people, when they notice a lot of hair loss, often limit brushing as much as possible to avoid hair loss. However, brushing your hair will help stimulate healthy blood flow to the scalp like a scalp massage, which can increase hair thickness. So brush your hair gently to stimulate the scalp.

Note that you should choose thin-fiber combs to use.

10 anti-aging hair care tips
Brushing your hair gently and properly can help increase hair thickness

4. Check the shampoo and hair care products you are using

You should choose shampoo products with gentle ingredients. Products containing many ingredients can dry out your hair and cause it to break, leading to hair loss.

Shampoo products contain the ingredient zinc pyrithione, which is often found in anti-dandruff formulas. This ingredient not only helps treat dandruff but also has the ability to moisturize and soothe the scalp and help improve conditions that feel tight or itchy due to reduced sebum production on the scalp. When using conditioner, you should only apply a little conditioner to the roots of your hair.

5. Hair care by using essential oils

Many studies have proven that using essential oils helps improve hair loss. Effective essential oils include lavender, lemongrass and peppermint. Try mixing a few drops of any or all of these oils with a few tablespoons of jojoba or grapeseed oil, and apply to your scalp for 10 minutes before rinsing. This helps reduce hair dryness.

6. Avoid getting your hair done regularly

Heat styling can be especially harmful, causing hair strands to become frizzy and fragile because the hair secretes less sebum, making it less able to protect the hair from heat from styling tools. Therefore, you should not use too many heat tools and it is recommended to keep them to a minimum whether when ironing, curling or drying your hair.

Hair should be trimmed every few weeks to remove brown and rough hair. Cut about 1/4 of your hair every 6 to 8 weeks to prevent split ends from growing back.

7. Avoid stress for hair care well

Constant mental stress makes the body tired, stress will also cause hair to age quickly, causing hair loss.

8. Limit the use of hair spray and hair dye products

Alcohol found in hairspray, hair dye and styling products will dry out hair and make it brittle. Chemical hair styling methods, such as perming or dyeing, can damage the hair and scalp. Alternatives include organic hair dye products and others that do not contain ammonia, peroxide or para-phenylenediamine (PPD). And remember, hair conditioning products need to be chosen every time you wash your hair. This helps make hair smoother and smoother.

10 anti-aging hair care tips
Use hair conditioner every time you wash your hair to make your hair smoother and smoother

9. See a consulting doctor

There are many other causes that can cause hair loss, so you need to see a doctor to be examined to find out the causes of hair loss such as: Having anemia, iron deficiency, autoimmune disorders or side effects of the medication being used. Currently, there are treatments such as minoxidil and Propecia that help speed up hair growth. Consult your doctor before treatment.

10. Choose a suitable hairstyle


Finally, you should pay attention to hair care, choosing the right haircut and style can be an effective solution to make your hair look thicker.

In fact, proper hair care is not too difficult or complicated, you can completely do it yourself at home following the instructions above to have strong and healthy hair, limit breakage and aging over time.

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