Not applying sunscreen properly can harm your skin and waste cosmetics. So how to apply sunblock and is reapplying sunscreen the same as the first time? All will be answered in the following article.

1. Why is wearing sunscreen important?

Instructions on how to apply sunscreen
Protect your skin with sunblock is vital


Too much exposure to the sun can damage your skin. Using sunblock is essential for people of all skin types, ages and genders to protect their skin from the UV rays of sunlight. Not applying sunscreen or applying it incorrectly can make you susceptible to premature aging and the presence of carcinogens. Applying sunblock properly will help protect your skin against these.

2. How much sunscreen is enough?

Instructions on how to apply sunscreen
Use a sufficient amount of sunscreen


Most people often do not apply enough sunscreen, which can lead to darkening and uneven skin tone as well as skin damage. The amount of sunblock to apply is about 2 milligrams per 1cm2 of skin. This amount of cream will ensure you are protected from the sun with the SPF index written on the sunscreen bottle.

In fact, many people often won’t calculate the amount of sunblock based on milligrams per square centimeter of skin, so it’s best to try to use at least 2 tablespoons of sunscreen to cover all exposed skin. For your face alone, you should use a small amount of sunblock about the size of a coin.

  • Young children (< 3 years old): Apply at least 5-10ml of sunscreen, besides it is best to always keep children in the shade and out of direct sunlight.
  • Children (3-5 years old): need at least 10-15ml
  • Children (5-10 years old): need at least 15-20ml
  • Adults need at least 30ml when applied all over the body.

3. How to apply sunscreen


For sunscreen to be effective, you first need to know how to use effectively.
First, you need to remember to apply sunblock before going out. It is especially important to apply sunscreen before you expose your skin to the sun. This is to give the ingredients in the sunscreen time to work and the skin to absorb most of the sunscreen before being protected. You should apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes before going outside.
The best way to apply sunblock is to dab it in small spots on your face. Applying sunscreen this way helps the skin easily absorb the cream as well as helps provide more even coverage.
Gently rub the sunscreen in with small circular motions with your hands, or combine it with light patting and spreading evenly across the face. Using this method, sunblock will create an effective foundation to protect the skin and will not leave white streaks on the skin.
Pay attention to often neglected skin areas such as the neck, back of the hands, back of the feet and ear area. You can use spray sunscreen on hard-to-reach areas like your back.

4. How to reapply sunscreen


At the end of the day when the protective ability of the first applied sunblock begins to gradually decrease, especially when you participate in outdoor activities, without proper protection, your skin will be damaged. . Therefore, to ensure sun protection and skin protection, you should reapply sunscreen several times a day.
All age groups should reapply sunblock at least every 2 hours to ensure that the skin is thoroughly and effectively protected from the sun. However, depending on each case, if you do not go out, you can apply sunblock in the morning and early afternoon.
In the following cases, you need to pay attention to reapplying sunscreen: When your skin sweats a lot, during intense sunlight (10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.), after participating in outdoor activities such as swimming.
How to reapply sunscreen:
  • For skin without makeup, you just need to apply a new layer of sunblock onto the skin, spreading it evenly so the cream is absorbed.
  • For makeup-covered skin, you can remove makeup, reapply sunscreen, then apply makeup again. Although this method is quite time-consuming, it limits the condition of the skin causing acne.

5. When to apply and reapply sunscreen


  • Apply sunscreen even when at home: Remember that it doesn’t have to be a hot sunny day with high UV rays to damage your skin. According to research, UV rays also exist in many blue light sources such as computers, phones, and televisions and have a significant impact on your skin.
  • Apply sunblock 20-30 minutes before exposing your skin to the sun: This ensures that your skin has had enough time to absorb the cream and stay protected.
  • Reapply immediately after sweating a lot: If you have just had a sports activity that caused a lot of sweating, this can cause the protective layer of sunscreen to be lost, you need to remember to reapply sunblock. after these activities.
  • Reapply immediately after swimming or any water activity: Not all sunscreens are 100% waterproof, so remember to reapply sunblock immediately after swimming.
  • How often should you reapply sunblock? You should reapply sunblock at least every 2 hours to ensure that your skin is protected from the sun. However, reapplication time may be longer if you do not go outdoors or more frequently if you swim or participate in outdoor activities.
  • Wear a hat, wear protective clothing, and stay in the shade between 11a.m and 3p.m: This is when the intensity of UV rays is highest and most likely to damage your skin.

Sun protection for your skin is an important and necessary step in your skin care routine that you definitely should not skip. Applying sunblock properly will help your skin be thoroughly protected and avoid harmful UV rays in sunlight.

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